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Summer 2017

This re-branding project involved researching Avon’s current brand, its history, image, competitors and users to develop a strategy and future concept. 


Avon’s brand is built on personal relationships and one on one interactions. In a digital age, how can they maintain this essence, while driving the future of beauty?

How Can Avon Reposition Itself As A Market Influencer?

Avon Calling: Not Your Grandmothers Brand

Avon, a direct sales company founded

in 1886, sells beauty, personal care and household products door to door. Avon’s image is tied to the past and no longer relevant.  The beauty industry has embraced technology, while Avon has

been slow and resistant.

Avon Declining in 2017

How can this 1x1 interaction be relevant in the digital age?

Avon thriving in 1960

The brand is built its brand on 1x1 interactions.

The Future of Beauty

I researched current macro trends existing across society, technology, economy, ecology and politics. 


Advances in technology have integrated into all aspects of daily life. Female entrepreneurs are growing faster than their male counterparts. How can Avon align their offerings to these trends and future needs?


How can Avon align their business model to trends and future needs?

Death of a Salesman 

Brands are using apps to reach their customer base.

The Quantified Self 

Tracking is used to assess our personal lives and habits

Girl Bosses 

Rate of women entrepreneurs has grown 2 times men.

Artificial Intelligence

Machine learning is used to personalize brand experience

Consumer Archetypes

Avon’s customers exist in the late mainstream market, compared to the competition, who have taken more of

the early market.

Consumer Interviews

I interviewed and observed users to understand who Avon’s prospective customers are and their respective archetype’s pain-points, needs and wants.


Diet affects skin.


Beauty starts with 

emotional fullness.

Early Adopter


Doesn’t want identity tied to wearing makeup.

Early Majority

Makeup shouldn’t be about covering, it should be more like a medicine.

Late Majority

Invests in products and services that affect skin from the inside out.



Invests in products

and services that affect skin from the inside out.

Key Insight:
Beauty starts from within. Users look toward nutrition, physical activities and mental health because they value a deeper sense of wellbeing, beyond topical products.
SWOT Analysis 

I evaluated internal and external factors to identify potential opportunities.


Business model based on relationships with customers


Understand customer’s buying habits


Direct sales Stigma. 

Brand image is dowdy, old-fashioned.


Late to adopt digital. Website makes Avon’s representatives obsolete


Personalized products that reflect deeply knowing customers


Integrate personal relationships with technology 


Competition is younger and tech savvy


Competition is convenient and offers customers a desirable experience

How Can Avon Reposition Itself As A Market Influencer?

The future of beauty is not just how you look. It’s emotional beauty, how you feel, how you live.  

Live Beautiful


Health is affected by multiple factors. Avon 360 reflects this integration and encourages users to make better choices considering all aspects of health.

The four dimensions of wellbeing

Wearable patch tracks stress, sleep and 

activity through PH, sweat and heart rate

The System

Avon 360 is a system that incorporates physical tracking through a smartphone app and wearable patch and analysis in an interactive home device and personal consultation, across a user’s lifestyle, for meaningful self-reflection.   A new product line based on nutracosmetics addresses self-improvement.

Feed Your Beauty:

Food line with cosmetic benefits.

An interactive smart mirror presents

self assessment of a user’s daily life.

The Avon consultant is your personal life coach.



Users track various aspects of their life, in order to understand the relationship across different wellbeing dimensions.

Wearable Technology

A wearable patch tracks stress, sleep and activity through PH, sweat and heart rate.

Protective Packaging

Micro Circuit

Adhesive-backed sweat absorbing cloth

Quantified Self

An smartphone app pulls data based on tracking diet, calendar events, GPS, contacts and tasks.

A New Way to See Yourself


A bathroom mirror exists at key points of self reflection at the start and end of each day. A smart mirror interface presents a meaningful moment of self assessment.


Interface uses machine learning to map the relationship of data across the dimensions, to get to the root of the weakest areas. 


Biggest impact on sleep, stress and diet


Biggest impact on sleep and empowerment.


Biggest impact on sleep, diet, social connection


Data Is Pushed To Your Avon Consultant.

Consultant uses this data to make personalized self-improvement suggestions for each client.

Beauty from Within


Cosmetic food line. Made with superfoods and skin-enhancing extracts, like pearl, spirulina and active cultures. The products work to create beauty from the inside out and can be eaten directly or used as ingredients for cooking.

Intelligent Packaging 

Nutrition label is printed on a flexible LCD film, a technology which is currently on the market in other applications like smart phones and watches.  

Personalized Nutrition Information

By scanning their phone to the QR code, the packaging updates, so users can see how each food item 

relates to their daily intake, in order to budget their requirements and stay on top of their goals.

Moving Forward

Strategic Roadmap


Moving forward, Avon should continue to provide products and services based on deeply understanding their customer. The roadmap lays out a long term strategy that first rebuilds consumer perception to allow Avon to pursue a reputation of innovation into the future.. 

Rebuild consumer perception & brand image through meaningful wellbeing.

Form strategic partnerships with larger retail stores for wider access to products.

Establish branded wellness centers based on Avon’s model of personal relationships

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